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Pills on Spoons

Welcome to SecondBrain Dispensary

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What can this dispensary offer?

  1. Highest quality products at a 10% discount, with brands that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). 

  2. Convenience and variety: browse and purchase a wide range of supplements from the comfort of your home.

  3. Direct shipping via Canada Post

  4. SecondBrain personalized nutrition advice.

Herbal Medicine

Invest in Your Health with Quality Supplements

How it works


To start ordering

To order the supplements you are currently taking, go to the Fullscript link in the next step.

If you want to start taking a new supplement, I recommend that you first make a 15-minute free consultation to determine which supplement is right for you.


Click the FullScript Link

You will receive a Fullscript email to sign in to SecondBrain dispensary, where you can start searching for your supplements.


Wait for an email confirming your order

Wait for an email confirming your order and order status.


Receive your Supplements

Orders are sent via Canada Post and are received between 4-7 business days.

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