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Nutrigenomics Test & Report

Uncover the genes impacting your gut health

Nutrigenomics is the study of how individual genetic variation affects a person's response to nutrients. Knowing what nutrients you need to reduce risks to unwanted conditions will empower you to make a nutritionally informed decision that will favourably impact your health.

What is Nutrigenomics and how does it impact your gut health?

How is NUTRIGENOMIX® genetic test different from other genetic tests?

Available exclusively through healthcare professionals for better customer experience. Supported by the most robust scientific evidence. Focused on evidence-based, actionable nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.


  • Customized reports available for plant-based or meat-based diets

  • For meat-based diets is available in six languages

  • Backed by a certified and accredited laboratory with stringent quality control standards to ensure accurate results.

  1. An easy to take NUTRIGENOMIX® genetic test, a service available only through authorized healthcare professionals.

  2. A complete report with personalized recommendations on nutrient focus and lifestyle according to your genes. 

  3. Two, one-hour session to review your Nutrigenomix® results and learn what action items you can start taking today.

What is included in the Nutrigenomix® Test & Report?


Get Your Nutrigenomix® Test Kit

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Price: $390


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